Healthy Family Meals and Habits

Assuring dinner time is enjoyable and nourishing

Battling over Breakfast?

Families are a unit. Within the unit, comes individuality. Without a doubt this includes food preferences. While working with individual children in the Pediatrician’s office, I often heard “my child is a picky eater.” Or “He eats…, but she eats…” Therefore, I developed a family-focused healthy habits program. Each family member has an opportunity to share their food preferences. Then, we can discuss your mealtimes, and what happens between meals.

Join together as a family to build healthy habits as a team. Do you find yourself:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with picky eaters?

  • Never having time for healthy meals?

  • Making dinner everyone can enjoy?

  • Struggling to find easy and healthy meals?

I often hear parents frustrated with their kids who won’t eat a balanced meal or try new foods. This is where I take a deeper dive into what happens between meals. We will review the structure of eating times to ensure the kids have an appetite to eat your meals made with love. When kids come to the table with an appetite, they often eat more and have interest in trying new foods. As a role model, implementing healthy habit methods will gradually instill a sense of autonomy for your children and a resolution of food battles.

Reaching health family meals goals

Family members may have different schedules which may conflict with “mealtimes.” We can work together to develop a weekly plan without getting caught up in single meals. Discussing cooking styles and simple meal planning on busy days will promote family time together without the added stress. Let’s build healthy family meals habits together:

  • Involve the family in meal planning decisions
  • Nutritious food in your kitchen

  • Understand the nutrition label, including the hidden sugar
  • Power packed meals and snacks, including recipes

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