Kids and Teen Health

Supporting your child and promoting a healthy relationship with food and body image

Life at any age can be hard

Trying to foster kids and teen health is tough. If you have kids, you have probably experienced the dreaded food battles to try different foods. I hear you and I feel you! The preferred snack in our house is always a topic of discussion. Through methods I have learned while working with kids and implementing in my own home, it has reduced food battles. I am happy to share with you and your child. All while keeping in mind, kids will be kids and they like to challenge us! Working together my goal is that your child will gain a better sense of:

  • Understand how food fuels the body for energy

  • Understand the benefits of what fuel helps a child grow
  • Develop the right fuel mix around activities (sports or leisure)
  • Include fuel that helps a child feel good in their own body
  • Understand how different types of fuel work together to keep a child satisfied and energized

Your Kid’s or Teen Health can Improve

Just like adults, kids can hit that 3 pm crash.  Especially after a day at school.  As your “Snack Specialist,”  my goal is to help your child feel confident in making food choices that are nourishing and enjoyable. This is all done to help improve your kid’s and/or teen’s health. With that in mind, we will develop power-packed mini-meals to keep your child satisfied and energized. For any need suited best for your child:

  • Fuel for sports performance

  • Limit the afternoon empty grazing

  • Poor appetite

The right mix of ingredients promotes Teen Health

As children age, eating habits may noticeably change.  Whether it is an increased energy need to support a robust metabolism.  Or, a change in eating preferences, such as vegetarianism.  Or, a change in eating habits to support the desired appearance.  My focus with your pre-teen or teenager is to support their body’s needs with the right fuel mix, including adequate nutrients. The result is optimal teen health through:
  • Fuel your child with nutritious food
  • Easy and healthy snacks your kids can reach for
  • Allow your child to feel good from the inside out

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