Women’s Health

Finding the right nutrient balance your body needs while feeling your best

Struggling with reaching your women’s health goals?

Unfortunately for women’s health, it’s true, as you age, metabolism and hormone levels change. You may find that achieving your goals takes a bit longer. But, it doesn’t have to deter you from feeling good at any age. Working together, we will take a deep dive into what makes your body tick. While reviewing your stage of life, lifestyle, and medical history, we will implement simple changes to feel energized with your individualized fuel mix. If you have felt any of these things, I understand where you are coming from:

  • Having trouble doing things like you used to?

  • Feeling like you have  zero energy?

  • Not feeling like your best self?

I understand your pain with women’s health expectations

As a woman nearing middle age, I relate to the changes the woman’s body experiences.  While adapting to these life changes, we can explore lifestyle modifications that include self love and acceptance.  All while taking the time to move towards your personal goals with nourishing tips and guidance.

Finding what works for you

Whether you are a young adult struggling with hormonal concerns, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Or a woman concerned about metabolic and hormonal imbalances.  We will work together to ensure you find the right nutrient balance your body needs.  During our partnership we will develop a plan that may include:

  • Meal planning for your individual needs
  • Specific lab work to assist identifying the root cause
  • Utilize digital meal planning for your specific needs

  • Support and accountability
  • Evaluate and implement self care that is enjoyable to you

  • Discussion on how your lifestyle impacts your goals

Get to know you call with Laura Cordero

When was the last time someone listened to you? Really listened and provided active feedback. The best way to see if we are a good fit is in a free introductory discovery session.

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