Nourish2Thrive with plants

How much does it cost?


The Mealtime Method - Nourish 2 Thrive with Plants is a one-time cost of $37.  You’ll easily save that in one takeout meal alone.  This includes a four week course, plenty of resources and a 1 month access to our customizable meal planning software. 

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How is this different from other courses?


The Mealtime Method - Nourish 2 Thrive with Plants has been developed by credentialed healthcare professionals following evidence-based science.  I, Laura Cordero RDN, LDN, moderate each nutrition lesson and will be available via the Healthie platform if questions arise.  By following this method, you will gain new insights in the benefits of plants to support [...]

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How does it work?


Each week for four weeks you will complete one Nourish 2 thrive with Plants module.  The module includes a nutrition lesson as well as resources that you can download and print.  Cooking (culinary) lessons, food lists, meal plans, and recipes will be provided each week.

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