The Struggle is Real – I Get it

It’s summer! But, it has felt like summer break since March.  The kids are home, you’re home.  But, this is not your usual summer.  You are trying to work from home.  Summer vacations may look a little different, or they were cancelled.  Summer activities for the kids are limited.  So, what’s happening, they are coming to you asking “what’s next,” “I’m bored” or “Tommy is being mean to me.”  This is all going on while you are trying to have a zoom call with 10 other colleagues.  The struggle is real – I get it- I can help!

Meal Planning – Yeah Right!

Let’s not forget the struggle of planning a meal the whole family will eat.  Everyone wants to eat at different times, or different foods.  You put all your focus on the kids meals and a thousand snacks a day.  Then, you realize it’s 3 pm, you’ve fed them multiple times, you’ve had 4 zoom calls, but you have not eaten yet today.  Realizing you’re hungry, you go to the kitchen and start eating without intention.  Next thing you know, you’ve eaten a quarter of Tommy’s peanut butter and jelly, some tortilla chip crumbs,  a quarter of Emma’s partially eaten apple, topped off by 3 mini candy bars.  Then it is downhill from there, you graze (or binge) mindlessly the rest of the day.  Then, you go to bed feeling bloated and wonder why you can’t lose the quarantine 15.  It’s summer after all, it should be easier.

 Exercise – Do You Mean Getting Up to Yell at the Kids?

The struggle is real.  Feeling sluggish, always tired.  It’s summer, you should be spending quality time with the family doing activities when you’re not working.  Instead, you are getting up early (like I am right now) or staying up late to work.  Because, during the day you’re entertaining the kids, in attempt to limit the electronics as the babysitter.  When is there time to even dust off the treadmill and the weights to work out? To feel energized, to feel yourself again?  You attempt to do physical activity with the kids, but after 5 minutes, they’re on to the next thing and you barely broke a drop of sweat.

I Get It – I Live it Too

I get it, I am home with my daughter who depends on me to entertain her.  Even if I offer suggestions for independent activities, it still breaks my flow of work.  I forget what I was thinking 2 seconds ago.  Since I make my own schedule, I struggle with playing with her and keeping my new practice moving forward.  Don’t even get me started on what’s going to happen when school starts.  All the unknowns add to the struggle.  Homeschooling was not a choice and we butted heads A LOT!  I am coming to terms with how I will work and how I will educate her when school starts.  I have my preferences on school and I know how she learns the best. But, the unknowns may not allow for this and we have to adapt.

Self Care – What is That?

Self-care is the mental struggle that battles the guilt of me versus the family. We know in our minds that if you take care of yourself, even a little, you are better with your family.   So, how do you do that?  Well, the thing about that, it is not a one size fits all.  You have to prioritize with a little planning, that allows for leniency.  Each day may be a little different.  Each evening, before going to sleep ask yourself what did I do for me today?  How did that impact my family?  What is my self goal tomorrow?  Everyone has different goals and visions for self care.  What’s your goal?

I Can Help

The struggle is real- I get it – I can help.  It starts with empathy to reassure you that you are not alone.  I believe the biggest part of self care, and reaching your goal, is mindfulness.   For some, that includes meal planning.  Others, it’s a little exercise, without interruptions.  Some may prefer meditation, or just some quiet time.  Regardless of your reason,  it usually comes back to “I want more energy” or “I want to feel good.”  Whether that is to reduce the bloated feeling, or lose the quarantine 15, or just find energy to keep up with the those precious kids of yours.

As a nutrition coach, I do practice what I coach.  But, there are definitely hiccups.  I believe nourishing your mind, body and spirit are all very important, but it may not be all-in-one package that happens every single day.  That is, unless you thrive on 3 hours of sleep.  As a coach, while empathizing, we devise realistic goals that fit your lifestyle.  Notice I didn’t say diet.  Here are some tools and methods that I use while reaching your goals:

  • Health accountability buddy –  through an app, I can offer tips and reassurance between our sessions
  • Offer mindful tips about listening to your hunger cues
  • Digital meal plans, from specialized to family friendly.  Start a 3 day trial now.
  • Vitamin, mineral, and supplement apothecary to support your immune system.
  • Exercise tips – I am no longer a certified personal trainer, but I still have many tips – or referrals to qualified certified trainers that will get your booty moving in no time at all.
  • Digital education resources

To find out more, schedule a discovery call.  Take 15 minutes of self care to share your goals.