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Fueling the Student Athlete


Fueling the body is similar to fueling a car.  You need the right kind of fuel for the best performance. Especially if you are a student athlete.  It is more than eating the right amount of calories.  It's about optimizing the right fuel, in the form of macronutrients, micronutrients, and hydration as a means [...]

Fueling the Student Athlete2022-04-25T09:24:26-04:00

5 Tips to Offer Fueling Snacks for Kids


As a parent or caregiver, the health of your child is probably pretty important.  When your kiddos are constantly asking for snacks, it can be a challenge to say the least.  Then you question whether kids need to snack at all?  This article will address 5 tips to offer fueling snacks for kids. How [...]

5 Tips to Offer Fueling Snacks for Kids2022-03-17T21:15:21-04:00

Tips to Help “Picky” Eaters – It Starts at the Table


"You used to like it."  "Just try one bite."  "I'll give you...if you eat your vegetables." "Why don't you eat...oh fine, what do you want instead?"   Sound familiar?  If these words have come out of your mouth, please read on. In my experience as a Pediatric Dietitian, I have learned many tips along the [...]

Tips to Help “Picky” Eaters – It Starts at the Table2021-07-16T11:31:08-04:00

Energy Packed Meals Boost Kids Brainpower


It's that time of year again!  Are you wondering how kids will make it through a whole school day? Although these are unusual times, kids benefit from breakfast, lunch and snack to get through the school day.  Kids need fuel to start the day.  They need to refuel at lunch time.  In addition, after [...]

Energy Packed Meals Boost Kids Brainpower2021-07-16T11:32:47-04:00
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