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Best Foods to Fight Inflammation


Without a doubt, unforeseen circumstances in the past couple of years has taken a toll on our bodies.  I hear complaints about aches, pains, and just an "off" feeling that are new and bothersome.  These could be signs of inflammation caused by a number of factors.  Including foods that you eat.  But, instead of [...]

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Squash – From Stoop to Soup


Squash - yellow, green, orange, white add beautiful fall decor.  But, they're so much more!  Squash may seem intimidating.  Learn how squash can go from stoop to soup and more.   The mounds of colorful, tough-skinned squash and gourds arranged in boxes outside the automatic grocery doors as their more approachable, thin- skinned cousins nestle [...]

Squash – From Stoop to Soup2021-09-28T11:48:11-04:00

Seeds – So Tiny – Yet Packed with Super Food Power!


Seeds - What Gives them Super Food Power? When you hear heart healthy, nuts often come to mind.  But, for those who have a nut allergy (such as myself), where to next?  My answer to that is in the super food nutrients of seeds.  Nuts do offer many heart health benefits. But, this article [...]

Seeds – So Tiny – Yet Packed with Super Food Power!2021-07-16T11:32:01-04:00

5 Immune Boosting Greens to Try Now!


When it comes to leafy greens, most of us rely on the basics like romaine, leaf lettuce or iceburg lettuce. While these provide health benefits, there are 5 immune boosting greens to try now! Shaking things up can help keep things fun and interesting in the kitchen while also diversifying your nutrient intake. We’ve all [...]

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Brain Gut Connection


Brain-Gut Connection- Is your Gut affecting your mood? Brain Fog, Irritability, Inability to focus…what do they all have in common?  We often think that stress is the cause. But, have you ever considered that your gut is talking to your brain.  Think about the phrase, "I just have a gut feeling." Or "follow your gut." More [...]

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Immune boosters to stay healthy


Your Immune system is ket to staying healthy.  How have you managed to protect your immune system during quarantine 2020?  Have you been a couch potato, stay up late, eating everything you see, struggling to get along?  Or have you been keeping yourself healthy by eating the right nutrients, getting proper rest, and exercising?   Let’s [...]

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Vitamin C and it’s effects on helping with colds and flu


Vitamin C is a water-soluble essential vitamin that your body needs.  It and functions as an antioxidant that supports the immune system by stimulating the formation of antibodies.  It is necessary for the production of collagen, which is the support system for your bones, skin, and gums.  This vitamin plays an important role in the healing [...]

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